$1 New Patient Dental Exams on 17th Ave in Calgary

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Cost-Effective Dentistry for New Patients

What was your favourite thing about the 90’s?

Ours was affordable dentistry. Which is why we value keeping our fees low and transparent. 

With the cost of living rising, we want to help ensure our valued community in downtown Calgary has options to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Because of this, we offer $1 dental exams for brand new patients to our practice, giving you the opportunity to jump-start your oral health journey with peace of mind.

Please feel free to provide us with any previous x-rays you might have, or we can take new ones for an additional cost. If any additional costs may arise, we will let you know prior to your appointment. Request your appointment today at Rockwood Dental on 17th Ave!

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What’s the Catch?

There is none! As long as you are a new patient you are eligible for the $1 dental exam. X-rays must be provided or our team is happy to take new ones at an additional cost. We believe in transparency, so please review our pricing guide so you can know what to expect from your appointment ahead of time.

Rockwood Dental Pricing Guide




New Patient Exam $1.00 $116.36
4 Bitewing X-Rays $100.36 $100.36
Emergency Exam $73.85 $73.85
1 PA X-Ray $34.26 $34.26
Panoramic X-Ray $101.53 $101.53
3 Units of Scaling $231.63 $231.63
Emergency Exam $73.85 $73.85
Polish $68.79 $68.79
Fluoride $33.33 $33.33
Simple Extraction $154.72 $154.72
1 Surface Molar Filling $171.98 $171.98
1 Canal Root Canal $761.19 $761.19
Complete Upper Denture $825.00 + Lab $845.48 + Lab
Zoom Whitening $299.00

How Can We Help?

Ready to see us? Have additional questions you’d like to ask? We’d love to help! Please call us directly at 403-244-3844, or fill out the form below. We’re ready to help you smile!

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Rockwood Dental is located on 17th ave., between 9th and 10th Street SW. If you’re looking for parking, we offer free parking directly in front of our office.

Can’t find us? Give us a call!

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  • 102, 1032 17th Ave SW
  • Calgary, AB T2T 0A5

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